The need to ensure effective disinfection and sanitization measures has never been greater. Whether in a public or residential location, our sinks can provide both the beauty and cleanliness you desire.

An antimicrobial sink is the best choice for safety while maintaining functionality and aesthetics. Surfaces with antimicrobial properties kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi, effectively cutting down the need to frequently wipe down the sink and surrounding areas. The aesthetic properties of our sinks are not compromised by their hygienic benefits.

Ideal for healthcare and public spaces, antimicrobial sinks eliminate anxiety about safety and cleanliness. For healthcare facilities in particular, our sinks help to reduce the risk of spread of harmful viruses and germs on communal surfaces. In residential, educational, and public areas, say goodbye to mess and hello to simple sanitization with the combination of our antimicrobial sinks and touchless technology faucets.

Our antimicrobial sinks uphold the Marlik standards of durability, reliability, functionality, and quality design. As always, our products can be customized to comply with any necessary specifications.

Sanitizer Pod

  • Seamless hand sanitizer dispenser made with non-porous, anti-bacterial solid surface material.
  • Can be used in hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, schools, gyms, offices
  • Mounting options include wall mount and freestanding pedestal