At Marlik®, we combine functional design and timeless craftsmanship to create products with lasting character. Our robust design and project development team use the most advanced technology to marry elegance and efficiency with the specific characteristics you require, always with excellence in quality, performance, and resilience.

Mold creation.

Our in-house design department creates unique molds for each custom project; any measurements and specifications- no 3D model or prototype required.

Public spaces.

Durability and efficiency in design for places like airports, government buildings, restaurants, and shopping centers.


Antimicrobial surfaces to maximize cleanliness for hospitals and care facilities.


The best materials, designs, and top-notch touchless solutions for universities and schools.

Design Expert

Materials of the
Highest Quality

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Your Project

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30 Years
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All Styles

From imagination to manufacturing, Marlik has everything to make it happen. We’ll
help you create beautiful, lasting solutions for your space.


At Marlik we have a team of design experts whose sole mission is to create with luxury, functionality, comfort, and cleanliness in mind. We offer unique solutions and help you discover the surfaces that complement the space with your specifications in mind and are best suited to your needs. Our exceptional design team is committed to always offering you a comprehensive solution.

Solid Surface

Marlik Solid Surface is sturdy, non-porous, and integrates well with other materials such as woods and metals.


A strong, stylish material that’s easy to maintain and silky to the touch. Quartz composite sinks are scratch resistant, hygienic, and quieter than a stainless steel sink. Offered in a wide variety of colors and textures and perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.


Marlik® sinks are always stylish and functional. Whatever the visual style of your space, or the frequency and conditions of its use, Marlik® will meet your needs.

Restrooms in public areas

Created according to the precise measurements of the designated space, with no limitations on size and space. Marlik will produce any requested amount of units


Ideal for hotel rooms, Marlik offers solutions that include sinks, shower pans, and shower walls. The versatility of this design makes them adaptable to the style and interior of each project. Resistant to daily wear and tear and easy to clean.


Whether your design is traditional or contemporary, the undermount basin is adjustable to any style. Can be installed into existing countertops to easily upgrade an existing bathroom.


Residential, pedestal style washbasin with a trendy, minimalist design style that is ideal for small or contemporary, avant-garde spaces.


Regardless of your kitchen design, we have a sink to fit and enhance the functionality. Thoughtful, intelligent design for maximum efficiency.


Designed to sit on top of the counter so that they stand out and are the focal point of a space. Ideal for bringing design flair to residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Custom Molds

Marlik can create everything your project needs from the initial model to the resulting mold. Our comprehensive facilities do not require a 3D model or prototype, all of our molds are created in-house from scratch.

Maintenance and

A practical guide on how to keep your Marlik® solid surface in tip top condition.